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Hello Babalola Ayobami, the challenge you are having is due to insufficient marketing, that's why your sales are not as much as you wanted. You should consider learning marketing, especially digital marketing it will help you a lot. Digital marketing is very powerful and with that, you will be able to promote your business effectively using social media and other online platforms. Your customers are on social media you need to find a way to communicate with them, let them admire you and they will be willing to buy your products. I hope you find this helpful. www.ajibolarilwan.com Publié le 07/09/19
September 7, 2019
I disagree with the above, yes you probably haven't been marketing at all if any, and if you have it's definitely been to the wrong people but I also bet you haven't done anything to build a brand or credibility with anyone online either. Has nothing to do with insufficient, has to do with it was never executed at all or correctly to be blunt. Publié le 12/09/19
September 12, 2019
Hi Babalola Ayobami, can you please share brief about the current position of store as in - what type of Location the store is located in Highstreet / stand alone? - what is the store area? - what is the team strength? - what is the average daily walkins? - what is average ticket price? - what is the average SKU price? - Total no of SKU in Store? - average daily sales? - who are your competitors? - what is the USP of your products? - do you take written feedback from customers? - is your store present on social media or web? - What % of revenue do you invest in branding and marketing? - do you practice visual merchandising? - is your product assortment according to customer needs? Think about these things pease feel free to connect over rishi.engravemedia@gmail.com Publié il y a 3 semaines
September 22, 2019