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I believe in People , Products, Processes and Markets - This is a Smart Electronic Product My brainchild has grown to a product that is now market ready, Marketing is a horse of a different color as I have discovered that not all people think the same as price , needs and laws of different countries plays a role. What I would like to hear from a mentor of different mentors what they think about the product, What they think about the price, quality and if the product will have a sustainability lifespan in the future. There are a lot of other things that I don't now the answers yet but I challenge the mentors on this forum to have an input in this. We will discuss all the details later. I need people first. - How many people want to be part of my Idea ?

I am all ready to hear your idea..... Publié le 03/08/19
August 3, 2019
Good day Rakesh My Idea has grown into a product , The product is developed outside my country by a friend of mine. The product is assembled from parts coming from the USA and China and made in China Product Description A wireless vehicle to trailer indicator system. The Module plug in on the car tow plug and receive signals for indicators left and right , Stop, Park lights and Number plate light. The light units on the trailer receive the dedicated paired Bluetooth signal from the module that is plugged in on the car. www.linkablinka.co.au I have an agreement with Steve StClaire to buy direct from him as he has the patented the product in his name. I have also the first right to buy the company from him. I have marketing rights for Africa but I soon realise that every country have its own set of rules and that the product have to be approved by every country's Department of Transport. To get this approval, It cost money that I don't have. The other thing is that I have to import all kits by ship as the units contain lithium batteries that are not allowed on airplanes.I cant get the batteries out of the units as the units are high frequency welded in China. I believe that there is a market for the product, I just dont know how to bypass the laws or to get international approval for the product. We can discuss the rest later , this is our first contact , If you have any Ideas to assist I will be glad Thank you Johan Groenewald Publié le 08/08/19
August 8, 2019
Hi Johan, I have expertise with product development, product positioning and market research, if i can be of any help will be ready to help, please let me know with the product is. Publié il y a 3 semaines
September 19, 2019