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Hi everyone, A few months ago I started with buying a domain and trying to build a correct website myself through WordPress. With the use of many tutorials I tried to create a good working website with a webshop integrated in it. But all the tutorials indicate different details. I have good knowledge about how you can use a computer and the programs on it, but I have zero knowledge about web development. This is why I decided to ask the question on this platform and I hope anybody can help me out. For the matter of the question it can be important to tell about the purpose of it. With my company I'm selling prepaid SIM cards to seafarers that enter the port in Rotterdam through industrial ships such as container- and bulkcarriers. Whenever they call me I will drive to their ship at the terminal and will deliver them their requested products. But it came to my mind that not only the seafarers from different countries need other prepaid SIM cards for their communication abroad. Also business travellers and normal travellers that are not able to use their mobile subscription or prepaid SIM cards from back home need my international roaming cards. This is why I wanted to create my company website with information for the seafarers and to increase my ventures findability (Google and other search engines for example) online. Next to that I want to create the option for non seafarers to order any needed prepaid SIM card online through my webshop. Because of the difficulties that I endure with creating my own good looking website I have several questions. - Did you use any checklist to setup and create your website? - Which details do I need to pay attention to? - Did you use a simple template or did you designed the whole website yourself? - Do you have a step by step guide available for creating a website? If you are in need of anymore information, please let me know and I will be happy te deliver you more of the requested information. Thanks in advance, Nick van Oorschot

May I know what these tutorials have advised you? Publié le 21/07/19
July 21, 2019
Hey Nick, It's very Easy , I can Guide you to setup your website Regards Anand Publié le 04/08/19
August 4, 2019
Thank you Anand Kumar, that's very kind of you. I will send you a direct message. Publié le 07/08/19
August 7, 2019