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I did few cool stuff while working globally.The things like start ups, expanding business significantly, turning around a large business , initiating joint venture.

Yes, I am available. Let us chat in details Publié le 25/07/19
July 25, 2019
Mr.Goswami what are the plans? I will be of help Publié le 03/08/19
August 3, 2019
Would love to help. Feel free to message me here or email me at danilopena@utexas.edu Publié le 10/08/19
August 10, 2019
Thank you Danilo for your offer. Currently I am working with a mentor and making a good progress.Will touch base at a later date. How does it sound ? We can always know each other. Publié le 11/08/19
August 11, 2019
Hey there, If you are still looking for a mentor you can contact:- yogesh@meticulous.in Publié le 21/08/19
August 21, 2019