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I am looking at making a career change from bedside nursing to business and I am trying to determine which skill sets are most advantageous for me to pursue as I begin to build my resume to be a more appealing candidate. Or which educational programs have the best job outlook for someone who has no hard business experience.

Hi Rachel, As u told u hv bad side nursing experience , it's a good quality u hv. You r from US and in us lots of person need personal nursing associate , even in all the world. U started ur this skill as ur bussiness, start a start-up with some of ur freinds , to provide nursing freinds to needed persons . Serve service of nursing wd extra care n love . Choose this art with passion , make chain of ur under staff Publié le 31/07/19
July 31, 2019
Start a non profit or a profit company called purplecross.org or some fancy name. Then offer these service of bedside nursing in 40% rate than the current competition. Employ lot of people like really in thousands by giving them the location based online registration format. Advertise your brand on social media platforms with very low budget but with strong very strong emotional connect. Make the brand viral. I will help you out. Then generate the leads and start providing nursing jobs on demand. Tie up with some not very reputed nursing institute and tell them to design a 3 months crash course online and offline both. That way you also charge for licneced Pink Cross nurse. That money you rotate on promotion of brand. Publié le 03/08/19
August 3, 2019
Rachel, Send me a message so I can clarify if you just want to know how to voice those skills in a resume or if you are wanting to start up your own company. Best of luck! Publié le 03/08/19
August 3, 2019