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I would love to connect with mentor to help be draw a better path, better structure and overcome the weaknesses. Business great but there is an obvious financial and marketing issue that I'm not able to determine

Hi, I work in the financial services industry and could probably help with that. cheers! Publié le 28/07/19
July 28, 2019
I have experiences in marketing from various industries. Let me help you if you need any advice in marketing area. Publié le 02/08/19
August 2, 2019
Moe, Marketing in the South Florida area is complex and time-consuming at best. Not sure what financial issues or marketing issues you are facing, but give me a shout and perhaps I can assist. Best of luck! Publié le 03/08/19
August 3, 2019
Hi Moe Mousa, I'm glad your business is flourishing and you need to expand. For you to have achieved that, it means you are an expert in some key areas of your business. Having challenges with financial and marketing is cool, you can't know it all, in fact, nobody knows it all. That is why the division of labor is essential to every business so that you can focus on what you are good at and get people to help you handle the areas you are not good at. My name is Ajibola Rilwan I am an It Consultant and a Chartered Website Developer with 13years of working experience, over the years I have been privileged to help businesses build successful online brands that position them ahead of their competitors, I have been a part of the success stories for many brands and this makes me an ideal mentor for you. Cheers! www.ajibolarilwan.com Publié il y a 1 semaine
September 7, 2019
I'll bet you money your books are a mess accounting wise, you don't know your COGS and you have no metrics you've tracked to determine any ROI on advertising... Get a good bookkeeper, start there, only hire them if they understand and can help you find the bleeding and stop it. Otherwise you're flying a plane blind thinking you're doing ok just because you haven't hit the cliff yet right ahead. Just being honest with you my man. Let me know once you solve the bookkeeping issue. Publié il y a 1 semaine
September 12, 2019
Hello Moe Mousa, When customers are GOD...then so called employees are your mediators. I believe you can share me your details to my mail at ceo@a3groupofcompanies.com i can mentor you the best possible and make sure you can have better structure of approach and throw away your weakness. Good Luck !!! Deepak.N Publié il y a 16 heures
September 19, 2019