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Hi Bunmi - a 35% interest rate on ANY loan type is, in my opinion, exorbitant. At your requested loan size - $250k - you should be targeting an annual interest rate of 10% at the most. Have you tried local banks as a source for this loan? If you are able to provide specifics (purpose of the loan, business description, location, etc.), I can assist you further - please message me when you have a moment. Publié le 04/08/19
August 4, 2019
@Carlos - in fairness, he used "#" not "$", so we don't know which currency and location this is. For a volatile currency, in a higher-risk location and/or for a high-risk/high-reward project 35% annual can be a very reasonable offer. I've seen worse. @Dear Bunmi, if you respond to Carlos' questions with more specifics I can try to give you my perspective, coming from someone who has worked and invested across 3 continents. ~~In any case, best wishes! Publié le 05/08/19
August 5, 2019