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Would you go for magento or wordpress online store template for a startup. Considering you are already selling on facebook page of 22000 followers

Hello Eric Wanjala, Wordpress is the number 1 content management website builder we have today, it powers the largest percentage of the internet. It's easy to work with and it delivers a great result. If you know how to work with WordPress, you are good to go but if you need help on how to develop e-commerce using WordPress, I can recommend an online course for you, it's tutored using the latest version of WordPress which makes it a perfect choice for newbies. My name is Ajibola Rilwan, an IT Consultant and a chartered website developer (https://ajibolarilwan.com) I wish you all the best Cheers! Publié il y a 2 semaines
September 6, 2019
There's really no difference whether you use Magento or WordPress. Your store success will be determined by other factors, such as price, user experience, delivery, payment methods. WordPress might be a better choice if you want to integrate mobile money payments like Mpesa. Potential pitfalls include fraud,chargebacks to be exact. Get in touch if you have more questions Publié il y a 2 semaines
September 7, 2019