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I want to online marketing of my Mobile App of Local Search. I want to do it by Facebook & for 1 city only (Akola-MH-India). How to find a reasonable, reliable, hardworking, result oriented agency? Or should I go for setup an in house marketing team of 3/4 with 1 good experienced candidate?

Hi Dushyant Kedia, Let me share with you the fundamentals of Facebook advertising. 1) Create a Facebook profile for yourself and also a business page 2) Be interactive, comment on other people's posts, like and share their content, show some love online, by doing that, you will be noticed and your online friends will support you, patronize your products because there is intimacy in your friendship. 3) Post content regularly, create some video content and graphics content. Let most of your content be mild and not too serious about business. For instance, you publish like 3 times a day, 2 of your content should be either entertaining or funny then the third post should be strictly about your business. Then as time passes, you can invest in Facebook sponsored ad to promote some of your content that generates high attention. Those are the fundamentals of Facebook marketing if you practice that continuously, you will gain good results. My name is Ajibola Rilwan, an IT Consultant and Chartered Website Developer and I will be willing to assist you further. Cheers! Publié il y a 2 semaines
September 6, 2019