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I am a life coach, I want to start a business in coaching. I am creating a website where i write articles about coaching and NLP. I want to create authomatic revenues by selling part of the site content (documents, techniques, books). I would like to promote my website through google research and facebook.

I personally don't understand your question my dear but I think You can write books and publish them.You can also write articles online. Sites like Facebook Instagram YouTube can be helpful Publié le 22/08/19
August 22, 2019
Hi thank you for the answer. Yes I was not accurate in asking. how can I make my website interesting for readers to increase traffic? Publié il y a 4 semaines
August 23, 2019
i come across a bunch of life coaches and self improvement mentors on instagram. you should try creating a page with your business key points such as objectives with those links to grow diversity in your community Publié il y a 3 semaines
August 29, 2019
Your vision is one of intensive passion. Though there are various platforms and sites that you could you to distribute you coaching vis lecture materials to generate revenue both as I said contents of such categories are passion driven. As the traffic, would be largely determined by the percieved passion your readers feel from your coaching and knowledge in the focus area. I would be humbled to help you work this part to Success. Creating business plan and relative key points are Strategic. Do inbox me on my Mentor handle for further discussions. Publié il y a 3 semaines
August 31, 2019
Hi Elisa, To attract people to your site to hire you and to generate passive income from selling your intellectual property, you need to build a reputation and market yourself as an expert in the field. Not only should you build social media presence and post content there that has value (not advertising) so people will follow you, but you should find other venues where you can expose yourself as a coach, a mentor and a leader, such as conferences, TED talks, television and radio shows, articles in written media, etc. Once you generate a following and a reputation, clients will sign up and people will buy your published work. You also need to attend networking events where your potential clients go. Publié il y a 2 semaines
September 3, 2019
Thank you Vivian for your answer. I will keep in mind while proceeding. I am at the very beginning, I have written something, I am going on taking small steps at the moment. Thank you very much. Elisa Publié il y a 2 semaines
September 3, 2019
Network = Net Worth. No network = no value = no clients. Find a pain point you can solve, show them how to solve it, build rapor and network.. If you overthink it you're going to shoot yourself in the foot. Publié il y a 1 semaine
September 12, 2019