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I am looking for ideas to start a small business. I am 30 years old and I have no business experience. I do have experience with basketball. I know the game very well and have played up to the high school level and have coached for the past 10+ years on the recreation level as well as a few years at the middle and high school levels. Recently I was thinking of opening a basketball gym with multiple courts. It would be members only. I would also rent courts out for people who wanted to use them privately. I thought this idea was good but I ran into a few obstacles. One was I don't know if the amount of money from members joining would be enough to cover overhead costs, monthly bills, etc. Also, I have never run a business so I really don't have a clue as to what to do to get it started and what I would need to do to maintain the business. I have other interests but I know most about basketball. I have heard people say that it is best to start a business in a field I am familiar with, but I have been having trouble coming up with a basketball related business. Any input you have will be appreciated. Thank you

Hi Aaron, I love basketball and have played causally 2-3 times per week for many years - however I have never paid to play. You could make a business like this work, but you need a way to draw in your customers. Your main competition would be the local park or church that offers their courts for free. You would need to add value to your service to get paying customers. Unfortunately, the value of renting a gym and paying the overhead costs is greatly reduced because your competition offers this for free. Consider what your competition does not offer that your customers may want. Non professionals enjoy aspects of the game such as competition, exercise and socializing. You may want to consider offering services that cater to these aspects. Perhaps hiring a referee, offer personal training and leading social events for your members off the court. All of these things you may be able to do yourself to start. Don't be afraid to start small, and expect to work very hard! Publié le 14/11/13
November 14, 2013
Hi, Shaw. I actually have a cousin who was living in Santa Clara. You might have run into him playing basketball. Anyways thanks for the advice. I think the competitive aspect could draw people in. Having referees is something I never considered but might be a good idea because it would reduce arguments and fights. As far as places that offer this for free, I don't know of any. I know of churches that charge for rental services or places such as 24 hour fitness, but no place where people can play indoors for free. As far as starting small would you think having a place with two courts would be better than having a whole bunch? My way of thinking was I wanted to offer a place where lots of people could play without having to wait. I thought that would attract customers. But I don't know. Maybe I could make it attractive in another way. My biggest issue with this idea is finding a way to make the profits outweigh the overhead costs such as air conditioning, electricity, office supplies, employees, etc. What do you think? Publié le 14/11/13
November 14, 2013
do everything about basket ball that make money, teach it, sell it, rent it. prepare events . meet lots of people. make it better then your other free parks. your targets are fanatics. provide things they cant get anywere eles . after years of doing a good job you might pull in money and make great things happen. work hard focus its a good shot and I don't think you will regret doing it as its a sport you love in the frist place. Publié le 26/11/13
November 26, 2013
Good points here. Keep in mind that there are lots of free things in life BUT people are willing to pay for them anyway! Ex. A library has free books, computers, and movies, but many of us go out and buy a kindle, Surface, and newspapers daily. The key here is to create an experience around you gym that members will buy into. Free Hugs Vs $2 deluxe Hugs. http://mind-exchange.com/free-hugs-vs-deluxe-hugs-14371 Guess who got more hugs?? Publié le 06/12/13
December 6, 2013

Hi Aaron,

How is it going? Your idea is something that I have considered myself. I am in a similar situation as you and I was wondering what you actually decided to do and how it turned out.

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March 5, 2016